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Toasted Rice Balls Made with
Simmered Conger Eel

Cook rice in water using a 1:0.85 ratio to create savory rice with a springy texture.


Rice with simmered conger eel (enough to make approx. 5 rice balls)

Rice that has been soaked

*Rice that has been lightly rinsed 3 times, soaked for 45 min., and then drained (approx. 380g before soaking)

Simmered conger eel
Arima sansho (Japanese pepper seasoning)
Ground Japanese pepper
Rice Pot Soup Stock

Toasted Rice Balls Made with Simmered Conger Eel (approx. 1 rice ball)

Rice with simmered conger eel
Sesame seed oil
Roasted seaweed
1/4 of a sheet


Step1Place the soaked rice, Rice Pot Soup Stock, and Arima sansho in a rice cooker and cook.
Step2Broil the simmered conger eel.
Step3When the rice is cooked, add the broiled conger eel and ground Japanese pepper into the rice cooker and let it sit for 5 min.
Step4Mix well and shape into rice balls.
Step5Pour the sesame seed oil into a frying pan and toast the rice balls on both sides until crisp.
Step6Wrap them in roasted seaweed and they are ready.
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Key Points

A 1:0.85 ratio of rice to water is used to cook rice that is slightly firm so that when the rice is toasted the outside will be crisp and produce a savory aroma. I think rice that has been cooked to be somewhat firm is also good for dishes served with sauces, such as rice bowl dishes and curry. I also recommend using slightly less water when cooking something like arancini that deep fries rice so the outside is crisp, or baking it in the oven like a gratin.

Created by
Yu Tomiya
Tommy's Kitchen
Yu Tomiya

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